LAOWA 105mm F2.0 (T3.2) STF Lens
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Lens Structure: F-stop: 7, T-stop: 14

Min. Shooting Distance: 0.9m

Max. Magnification: 0.16

Min. Aperture: 22

Lens Features: Smooth Trans Focus, Sharp in-focus image and creamy bokeh.

It is intended to smooth the transition between the plane of focus and out-of-focus areas in the image so as to achieve the effect of sharpness in-focus and creamy bokeh and eliminate the linear bokeh.

Optical Properties: A piece of apodization element is set near the aperture diaphragm with low reflective multi-layer coating.

Every lens element adopts the multi-layer of low reflectance coating which completely eliminates ghosting and flare. A piece of apodization element has been inserted next to the aperture diaphragm to converge the light towards the center of the lens and reduce the amount of light gradually towards the periphery. This STF design produces images with crystal sharpness at the plane f focus and at the same time, gradually melting away to form a soft, natural and beautifully diffused out of the focus rendition. And for imaging with more high-quality, three pieces of low dispersion element and high refractive element are used to achieve outstanding image while keeps lens compact all the time.

Structure Design: It is completely made of metal. 

The lens is solid built with metal to ensure high assembly precision and durability. 

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Feature Details

  • Lens Structure
    The lens consists of 11 elements in 8 groups with 1 piece of High Refractive Index Element, 3 pieces of Extra-low Dispersion Element.
  • Aperture Blade
    The F-stop 7 and T-stop 14 makes the light spot and star more attractive.
  • Angle of View
    23°16′ (Full Frame Camera) 11°38′ (APS-C Camera)
  • Min. Work Distance
    The min. work distance is 0.9m.
  • Lens Element
    Each lens element uses the multi-layer low-reflective coating.

Product Specifications

    Lens No.
   LAOWA STF 105mm F2.0 (T3.2)
    Focal Distance
    Max. Aperture (Fno)
   Max. Aperture  (Tno)      3.2
    Angle of View 
    Lens Structure
    11 elements in 8 groups (1 piece of High Refractive Index Element, 3 pieces of Extra-low Dispersion Element and 1 piece of Apodization Element)
    Aperture Blades 
    F-stop: 7 T-stop: 14
   Min. Aperture
   Min. Shooting       Distance 
   Max. Magnification
    Focusing Mode
    Manual (MF)
    Filter Thread
    Lens Dimension (Length / Diameter)
    About 98.9X76mm
    About 745g

Lens Construction

Design performance



Dirction for Use: 

Lens Assemble & Dismantle

Choose the available lens mount according to your cameras, and refer to instruction manual of the camera for installation. The lens is completely manual focus. When you focus on subjects, turn the focusing ring slowly. Strong and fast rotation should be avoid to prevent from damage.

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